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NTNU Visited Four Universities in Tokyo for Cooperation

Poster:Eric Chun-Chuan ChangPost date:2017-04-25
  NTNU has established a close relationship with higher education in Japan. Earlier this year, Tsukuba University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology came visited NTNU. In April, Vice President Wu Cheng Chih led a group of officers and administrators to Japan visiting Meiji University, The University of Tokyo, Rikko University and Nihon University. The group includes Vice President of International Affairs Yu Kuang Chao, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Chen Deng Wu, Dean of the College of Education Chen Hsueh Chih, Chairman of the Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, Nikky Lin, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Chou Tong Yi and Student Mobility Manager Daniel Lin from OIA. In addition to the discussion of future cooperation with the four universities, NTNU has signed the Agreement for Cooperation with the College of International Communication of Rikko University and College of Humanities and Sciences.

(NTNU visited Meiji University)

Meiji University has started the cooperation with NTNU in October 2013. The agreement of intercollegiate cooperation was signed in March 2016. Vice President Dairokuno Kosaku and other senior officers welcomed NTNU and both sides talked about the vision of future cooperation.

(Tokyo University)


Rikko University has been NTNU’s sister school for a while. The cooperation started in 2008. This time, Dean Chen signed the agreement of intercollegiate cooperation with Professor Nobuko Ikeda. Chairman Tu from the International Affair Office of Rikko University said that this is a good start for NTNU and Rikko University.

(Signing Ceremony at Nihon University)
Nihon University has held an off-side teaching oversea at NTNU in 2011. Later on, Nihon University continued to work closely with OIA, the Department of Civic Education and Leadership and the College of Liberal Arts. Nihon University prepared a grand ceremony for NTNU with nearly 20 senior officials attending the signing ceremony. After the ceremony, NTNU group walked around the campus with the guidance of Nihon University.
This trip to Japan is a really rewarding one. NTNU now opens up chances to work with four universities in Japan and bring more opportunities for students and staff of NTNU.
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