About Us

Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
SecretarySelene Li-Ching Chen02-7734-1471ufselene@ntnu.edu.tw1. Integration of college affairs
2. Integration of department affairs
3. College faculty recruitment, evaluation, and promotion
4. Other assigned tasks
Senior StaffWan Ting Chang7734-1472wanting1029@ntnu.edu.tw1. Organizing Humanities Festival
2. Classic 70 books reading
3. Update College webpage information
4. Philosophical Education Program & Japanese Program
5. Other assigned tasks
Senior StaffEric Chun-Chuan Chang02-7734-1396ericchang@ntnu.edu.tw1. College international related affairs
2. College-level exchange student program
3. Japanese/ Korean language Program
4. Other assigned tasks
AssistantWei-Shen Hung02-7734-1397wei_shan_hung@gapps.ntnu.edu.tw1. Teaching and Research Center for Social Studies in High School Education
2. Other assigned tasks
General StaffMei-Lin Chen02-7734-1473 1. College documents and letters delivery
2. College cleaning affairs and utilities management
3. Help reception, telephone answering
4. Other assigned tasks
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