About Us

Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
SecretarySelene Li-Ching Chen02-7749-1471ufselene@ntnu.edu.tw1. Integration of college affairs
2. Integration of department affairs
3. College faculty recruitment, evaluation, and promotion
4. Other assigned tasks
Senior StaffLing-Ya Hunag7749-1472lyhuang108@ntnu.edu.tw1. Organizing Humanities Festival
2. Classic 70 books reading
3. Update College webpage information
4. Philosophical Education Program, Japanese Language Program and Korean Language Program
5. Other assigned tasks
Senior StaffEric Chun-Chuan Chang02-7749-1396ericchang@ntnu.edu.tw1. College international related affairs
2. College-level exchange student program
3. Other assigned tasks
General StaffMei-Lin Chen02-7749-1473 1. College documents and letters delivery
2. College cleaning affairs and utilities management
3. Help reception, telephone answering
4. Other assigned tasks
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