About Us


    History & Goals

    Established in 1955, the College of Liberal Arts is now serving almost 250 faculty members and more than 2,500 students enrolled in five departments, two graduate institutes and two research centers. We offer B.A., M.A, or Ph.D. degrees in Chinese; English; History; Geography; Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature; Translation and Interpretation; Taiwan History.

    We have committed to the goal of nurturing quality high school teachers in the subject matters such as Chinese, English, History, and Geography. Over the past few years, the College has also already established itself as a comprehensive institute, focusing on both academic training and hands-on practices in more areas of study including Cultural Studies, Communication, Literature, Applied Historiography, Environment protection, Geographic Information System, and others.

    The College of Liberal Arts perennially ranked among the nation's best in the discipline of humanity. Our faculty members are dedicated to doing research and are leaders on many fronts. Learning with our faculty members and researchers in various disciplines, students have often demonstrated excellent performance in many academic activities at home and abroad.
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