Fall, 2022 International/Academic/Cultural Activities

11/15 The officials of AIT visit Dean of CLA ( Prof. Chern, Chiou-Lan ) & Office of Bilingual Education

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) paid an official visit to Dean of CLA to discuss future cooperation
Tzu-Bin Lin, the Deputy Diretor of OBE elaborated on the future plans of bilingual education in NTNU

Guest List : 

 -Dr. Carleen Velez, Reginal English Language Officer at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines

 -Julienne Lauler, the Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, AIT 

-Jenning King,English Language Coordinator, Public Diplomacy Section, AIT

2022 CLA EMI Program International Diplomacy Camp

10/13 Thursday: Analyses of International Situations and Global Issues

The first session of the International Diplomacy Camp has rounded off. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the upcoming sessions!!

10/19 Wednesday: Participation in International Conferences and Events

In the second session, we invited Ambassador Chin again to give us another interesting speech. Don’t hesitate to register for the last two sessions of the camp! 

11/08 Tuesday: International Etiquette and Guest Reception

Today Ambassador Chin shared the experience of guest reception as the end of all the physical lectures. Thank Ambassador Chin for introducing three interesting topics during International Diplomacy Camp.  Also, thank for everyone’s actively participation which add colors to the activity. 

Don’t forget to join in the Online Youth Forum on 11/30 ! We will invinted Ambassador Wang to share his overseas experience.

Cross-Cultural Presentation Series

10/31  Las Islas Pilipinas: Our History, Culture and Beyond

Thanks for Karen to bring us a wonderful sharing about her hometown as the opening of the cross-cultural presentation series in this semester!  

There are more interesting presentation in the following session, come with us to explore the colorful world!

11/14 Indian Cultural Awareness: Greetings, Communication, Etiquette(Do's and Don'ts), and Building Relationships

 Manisha delivered the speech in an interesting way. Not only has broken the stereotypes but also bring us a new vision about Indian culture

NTNU CLA Halloween

Knock Knock... Treat no Trick!

How was everyone during the midterm week? This year’s Halloween is on Monday, but don’t feel blue! CLA prepared a whole room of candy and costume to celebrate Halloween with everyone! Students were welcomed to join us and erased the Monday blues at CLA office.