Fall, 2023 International/Academic/Cultural Activities

11/17 CLA x FCC EMI Beach Cleaning and Environmental Education Event

11/17 CLA x FCC EMI Beach Cleaning and Environmental Education Event held by College of Liberal Arts, College of Technology and Engineering and College of Management attracts international students from CLA exchange programs and MTC. MTC alumni, Benida, who dedicates herself to environmental protection talked on ocean and coastal hazards caused by wastes. She also invited us to pick one from the 94-kilogram trash to make an artwork and in the hope of remembering how beautiful our ocean is and the importance of environmental protection. 

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11/13 Speaker Astrid Kahmke from Germany

Speaker Astrid Kahmke from Germany invited to give speech on “From Textbook to Learning Experience- How (digital) storytelling can help to teach (better)”

11/15 CLA EMI Handmade- Preserved Flowers

11/8 CLA EMI Homemade Silk Flower

10/6 Coffee Corner - Halloween Pom Pom Pals

Welcome to the Halloween event held by CLA EMI program and FCC. Let’s make some cute pom pom pals before the holiday starts!!

9/19 Coffee Corner-Experiencing Taiwanese cultures with NTNU students!

One of the speakers of the day, 任柏翰, taught us how to make a Chinese Knot. It was such a wonderful and educational experience! Throughout the lesson, we gained insights into the cultural significance of Chinese Knots in Chinese traditions, and we left with our own handmade Chinese Knots as keepsakes of the day!

Another speaker, Sze Lok Hsu, shared a fascinating presentation on the topic of the mysterious orient: Buddhism at First Glance. Thanks for his insightful and valuable sharing!

Cross-Cultural Presentation Series

9/27 Using English to Access Popular Culture

Thanks to Mary for bringing us a wonderful sharing about using English to access popular culture!  

There are more interesting presentation in the following session, come with us to explore the colorful world!

10/4 Using English to Access Popular Culture

A big thank you to Cory for enlightening us with an excellent discussion on  learning English in the age of globalization.  

Exciting presentations await you in the upcoming sessions. Join us to explore a world of vibrant and captivating topics!

10/31 NTNU CLA Halloween

Following the tradition from the previous year, the College of Liberal Arts once again hosted a Halloween event on October 31st. This event was open to all NTNU students and attracted a significant number of participants, including students and faculty members from various colleges and departments, who came together to enjoy the festivities. The festive happiness provided a good chance for students to relieve from the stress of midterm exams.
To participate, attendees needed to visit the Dean’s Office and recite the secret phrase, “Knock knock, treat no trick!” In return, they received a generous handful of sweets. However, that was just the beginning. By checking in at the Dean’s Office on Instagram and tagging the official accounts of CLA and the EMI program, participants had the opportunity to enter a lucky draw. The array of prizes in the lucky draw enticed a large number of people.
In addition to these activities, participants could dress up in Halloween costumes and take a picture with a Polaroid camera to take home as a keepsake. The game associated with this activity was not only entertaining but also educational. The game’s facilitators would spin a globe, randomly select a continent, and then, in English, participants had to name two to three countries within that continent. Exchange students, on the other hand, had to name the countries in Chinese to qualify for a free Polaroid.
The pictures captured the smiles and happiness of everyone involved, perfectly reflecting the event’s aim of providing a fantastic time for all.

By Ying-Chen Lin, Department of English