5/13-6/5, 2022 Humanities Activity X Social Participation

Humanities Activity X Social Participation

College of Liberal Arts 2022 Humanities Festival, NTNU’s 100th Anniversary


Organizer : College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan Normal University
Co-Organizers : Department of Chinese, Department of English, Department of History, Department of Geography, Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, Global Chinese Writing Center, Indigenous Research and Development Center, International Taiwan Studies Center.

The College of Liberal Arts is scheduled to hold the 2022 Humanities Festival in May 2022. The theme of this year is Humanities Activities X Social Participation. We will hold the Open House event online from May 13 to June 5. You are welcome to join us.

You are invited to join these activities on the following days:

2022 Humanities Festival & Open House Briefing
Time |May 13 (Friday) 12:20-13:30
12:30 – 12:35 Opening Ceremony
12:35 – 12:50 Greeting to Distinguished guests/ Lottery Draw
12:50 – 13:20 Award Ceremony
13:20 – 13:25 Lottery Draw
13:25 – 13:30 Group Photo
13:30 – Booth Visits
Link | https://reurl.cc/loVVxA


2022 Humanities Festival & Open House Program
Time |May 13 (Friday) until June 5 (Friday)
Link | https://reurl.cc/M070eL

Associate Dean