Nihon University Farewell Party: Thankful for the Invitation of NTNU

Prof. Yugun Riku, professor of the Distance Learning Division, Nihon University, led 29 students aboard for a field trip and attended the party on the 11th of February. At the party, Prof. Riku and the students expressed greeting to Prof. Wu Wen-Hsing, professor of the History Department, former Dean of CLA, showing their strong interest in the courses, and were satisfied by the arrangement of the Department of History. Students took many photos and said that they would come back in the coming year.

Nihon University is one of the partner universities of NTNU,  which signed the agreement with NTNU in 2002. Located in Tokyo, Nihon Unversity has a long and rich history. Its predecessor, Nihon Law School (currently the Department of Law), was founded by Yamada Akiyoshi, the Minister of Justice, in 1889.  It was renamed to Nihon University in 1903 and has lasted for 123 years. There are 14 colleges at Nihon University, includes art, law, business, medical and agricultural, etc., as well as 83 departments. There are about 100 thousand students in this school, which is the biggest comprehensive university.

The Distance Learning Division at Nihon University owns over 7 thousand students. In recent years, the Distance Learning Division positively promoted overseas field trips, in which students can improve their learning efficacy and collect their research material. Since 2011, the Distance Learning Division of Nihon University cooperated with the History Department at NTNU to arrange overseas field trips and learning away from home short-term programs and to hold the intensive courses for a week, which were affirmed by the attending students. This year, February, 7-11, Prof. Riku, led 29 students to come to NTNU again, holding the overseas field trip for the second time.

The overseas workshop was organized by Prof. Yugun Riku and Prof. Wu Wen-Hsing. The credit was given by Nihon University. In the static courses, Prof. Wu taught Japanese colony domination, elaborated the influences brought by the Japanese government for 50 years in Taiwan; the Dean of the CLA, Prof. Chen Kuo-Chuan, gave the lecture of the forming of regional economics in Taiwan;  Prof. Chen Fupian, the professor of the Graduate Institue of Taiwan History, taught the international division of labor in East Asia and the economic development in Taiwan; Prof. Riku taught the track of  Taiwan economics development as well as the economical development of East Asia and Taiwan; all lessons are all designed around the modern times Taiwanese economics. In the dynamic visiting courses, the CLA arranged a lot of historic sites for the delegates from Nihon University, including the National Palace Museum, the Taipei Confucius Temple, the Taiwan History Museum, the 228 Memorial Museum, the Presidential Office Building, the Taipei Guest House, the Fortress San Domingo, the Tamsui Customs Officers’ Residence, Aletheia University, New Taipei Tamkang High School, the MacKay Hospital, etc., professors guided our guests with their own expertise. Students enjoyed the guides and had a fruitful afternoon.

Nihon University held the farewell party before they left at Pengyuan Restaurant. Dean Chen Kuo-Chuan, Prof. Wu Wen-Hsin, Prof, Chen Deng-Wu, Pro. Chen Fupian, and Prof. Liang I-Ping, the Associate Vice President of the International Affairs Office, were invited to the banquet. At the farewell party, students expressed their gratitude to the host at CLA with the souvenirs they brought from Japan, marked a wonderful ending to the fruitful field trip.