Jiangsu Normal University visits the College of Liberal Arts and hopes to sign a student exchange plan

credit by: http://pr.ntnu.edu.tw/news/index.php?mode=data&id=12015

[Campus reporter Ma Wan Juan (Department of English 102), reported] To explore Taiwanese literature, of course, you must come to Taiwan. On the afternoon of June 14, the vice president and dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Jiangsu Normal University visited the College of Liberal Arts of National Taiwan Normal University, hoping to understand the current situation of contemporary Taiwanese literature. He also looks forward to signing a contract between both schools in the future, with a specific and concrete student-school exchange plan.

Jiangsu Normal University, formerly known as Xuzhou Normal University, was renamed on February 1 this year. During the time of Xu Fangming, the former principal of Jiangsu Normal University visited National Taiwan Normal University once. At that time, he was personally received by the former NTNU principal Jian Mao Fa. This time, Jiangsu Normal University led by the vice president, Fang Zhong, Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature Huang Dezhi, Deputy Dean Wang Yan fang, and Associate Professor Wang Zhibin, visited the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Chineseand communicated with many professors from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History and the Department of Taiwanese Languages and Literature. In the future, it is expected that both schools will come up with many jointly academic seminars that will lead to more opportunities for cooperation between the two schools.

During this visit to the College of Liberal Arts (National Taiwan Normal University), professors from the National Taiwan Normal University Department of Taiwanese and Jiangsu Normal University will share each other teaching experiences and brainstorm about the current situation of student learning, the current research fields of National Taiwan Normal University, and so on. Chen Kuo-chuan, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts, said that the teacher can take the lead in the exchange of students between the two schools, allowing students to experience different cultures through different teaching methods from the exchange of teachers.

Fang Zhong, vice president of Jiangsu Normal University, mentioned that Xuzhou’s cross-strait culture depends on the exchanges in the field of literature. He also invited professors from the History Department of National Taiwan Normal University to visit Jiangsu Normal University. There is no distinction between literature and history, and the resources can thus be co-shared between those two subjects. The historical background of Taiwanese culture can bring more research inspiration to both schools. Professor Lin Shu-hui, the Head Department of Taiwanese Languages and Literature also said that Jiangsu Normal University has tourism education, hotel management, and other related colleges, which correlates to the recent popular tourism literature in Taiwan, and thus can share the experiences on those subject with Taiwanese student. By then, both schools able to brings profits to each other.