College of Liberal Arts Visited Three Universities in Germany

Institute of Sinology and East Asian Studies of University of Münster. Institute Director Reinhard Emmerich, Professor Kerstin Storm and Dr. Yu Hong greeted the guests from NTNU and prepared a banquet at school. Both schools have visited each other several times so the professors had a lovely discussion. They talked about the possibility of inviting professor to Taiwan as chair professor or visiting scholar. University of Münster also provides a Directive for the award of EMU Fellowships for international Scientists. According to the award, those who pass the application will receive 1800 euro per month for up to three months. After the banquet, the group visited the research room and library, which boost an amazing collection of Chinese books.
On the next day, Vice Dean Tobias Leuker and Dean Chen signed the MOU of exchange. Ms. Weng Chin-Ying from Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany came from Berlin to attend this ceremony. NTNU asked Prof. Tobias Leuker to present the letter and gift from President Chang to express our intention to sign the agreement with University of Münster and would like to invite their president and administrator to NTNU. The department also welcomed us with a luncheon and we happened to know that they canceled their classes that day in order to prepare for the signing ceremony. We are greatly impressed by the hospitality of the Institute of Sinology and East Asian Studies and look forward to future cooperation.
The group went to the University of Heiderburg for a tour, and on January 18th, they went to Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies and met Prof. Barbara Mittler, Prof. Harald Fuess, Prof. Christian Förster and Dr. Dietlind Wünsche. Everyone briefly introduce theirselves and their departments and research fields to seek any form of academic cooperation and exchange opportunities, including international academic seminars and workshops, teacher and student exchange. Several Professors have similar research expertise so they had an enthusiastic discussion. Professor Harald Fuess may come visit NTNU in March.
The group visited the Sinology Department of Goethe University Frankfurt. Prof. Yang, Prof. Iwo Amelung, Prof. Dorothea Wippermann and Lecturer Mirjam Tröster welcomed the group. NTNU has signed an MOU with their college of language culture and art in 2016, so both sides are glad to see each other again. Dean Chen invited the professors to come to NTNU as chair professors or visiting scholars. We asked Professor Yang to present the gift and letter from President Chang to the President of Goethe University Frankfurt.