2020 Humanities Festival Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony Registration

In the 2019 Humanities Festival, the “Interdisciplinary ‧ Dialogue: Humanities x Technology & Time x Space” is the topic. It combines various departments of the College of Liberal Arts, Global Chinese Writing Center and College of Technology and Engineering to conduct a series of activities, covering humanities lectures and career lectures, academic research seminars, workplace visits, technology and language application results presentations and literary artistic cross-border dialogues.
This year’s opening ceremony featured the theme of “Humanity, Technology”, invited the Mu Feng Chinese Ancient Poem Chant to perform, and present the beauty of Chinese culture with Augmented Reality, (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), leading the teachers and students to learn the technology of AR and VR, and the actual experience on the spot, kicks off the 2019 Humanities Season.
【Activity Information】
Opening Ceremony & Technology Experience
Admission: 4/30 (Tue.) 12:10 @Wen Hui Hall
Closing Ceremony & Global Pa Pa GO Club Achievements Exhibition – Chinese Cheongsam Banquet

Admission: 5/30 (Thu.) 17:50 @Wen Hui Hall