Rikkyo short- term intensive Japanese Winter program 2022

The entire program comprises 46.7 hours of classroom instruction on the Japanese language, plus 25 hours of lectures on Japanese society and culture including field trips. Upon completing the full program, participants will be given a certificate of completion and an official transcript.

Please also keep in mind that the in-person program could become an online program due to the ongoing pandemic. Rikkyo will decide how we conduct the program by Friday, October 15.

Program date:

January 11 (Tue) – January 28 (Fri), 2022 

Check-in date: January 10 / Check-out date: January 29

Application deadline: September 27 (Mon)

Program fees: ¥306,000 (in-person program)
                           ¥164,000 (online program)

For more details: https://cjle.rikkyo.ac.jp/english/sijp/application.aspx