[Event Highlights] Visit by Professor Shu-mei Shih from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

On September 4th, Professor Shu-mei Shih from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) visited the College of Liberal Arts. As an alumna of NTNU, she was eagerly welcomed by Professor Wen-Wei Shiu, the Dean of the College, Professor Joan Chiung-huei Chang, the Associate Dean, Professor Nikky Lin, Director of National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Professor Hsiao-Feng Shih from the Department of Chinese, and Professor I-ping Liang from the Department of English.

UCLA and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) have been on a substantial research cooperation program since 2017, with Professor Shu-mei Shih playing a crucial role in facilitating this collaboration. Professor Shu-mei Shih, who did her undergraduate in the Department of English, is an internationally renowned scholar and a recipient of the honor of NTNU Distinguished Alumna in 2018. Her visit this time aimed to assist our College in renewing agreements with UCLA.

UCLA invites NTNU faculty to conduct short-term visits every year, and our College recommends outstanding graduate students to engage in research and coursework there. Last semester, three graduate students went as visiting young scholars, and one student is scheduled to depart this semester.

Our College will continue encouraging faculty members and students to enhance their international perspectives through exchanges programs with top universities worldwide.