【Event Hightlights】Exchange Students Round Table Talk – Osaka University

On November 3 at noon, the College of Liberal Arts hosted the first event of this semester for exchange students to share their experiences. The event was led by Ms. Sih-Yu Guo from the Department of History and moderated by Mr. Wei Hung Wu from the College of Liberal Arts. The content of the sharing was divided into the following three parts: Pre-departure preparation, course arrangement and planning, and daily life.

In the process, Ms. Guo has compiled many useful tables for students, including the evaluation of dormitories on different campuses, the organization of relevant history courses and the cost of living in the country.

In addition, she also shared her experiences of traveling in her spare time and encouraged other students to set up exchange programs and learning goals. We look forward to more returning students sharing their experiences and insights from studying abroad in the future.