【Event Highlights】College of Liberal Arts Exchange Program Sharing Session

On November 23rd at noon, the College of Liberal Arts conducted its second
exchange student sharing session of the semester, providing a platform for
students to reflect on and discuss their diverse experiences.

We invited Natsuka Yamaguchi from Rikkyo University in Japan and Helvi
Hiuchihng Kretschmer from Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany to share
their unique cultures. Finally, Mr. Wei Hung Wu introduced the Faculty’s
partner schools and the application process in detail.

The content of the sharing was mainly divided into the following three parts:
introduction of the campus, sharing of food culture, and planning of travel
itinerary. It is worth mentioning that Helvi spoke in Mandarin Chinese
throughout the whole process. Although some difficult vocabulary was hard to
translate, he did his best to make sure the audience understood. This is one
of the goals of the College of Liberal Arts in organizing the exchange
program, which not only allows our students to experience globalization
locally but also gives exchange students the opportunity to learn about the
local culture in depth. We look forward to more opportunities for this type of
collaboration in the future.