Professor Mayumi Karasawa, International Director of Tokyo Women’s Christian University, Japan, visited National Taiwan Normal University


Professor Mayumi Karasawa, Director of the International Exchange Center of Tokyo Women’s Christian University, Japan, visited the school on July 15th. The school was hosted by Professor Hsiang-Lin Liu, Director of Office of International Affairs, Professor Liaw, Shyue-Cherng, Associate Dean of the College, and Professor Tong-yi Chou from the Department of History.

Tokyo Women’s Christian University is a well-known women’s private Christian university located in Suginami District, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1918 and has a history of more than a hundred years old. The School of Arts and Sciences of the school includes international English subjects, humanities, international social subjects, psychology and communication subjects, mathematics and science subjects.

The school’s Deputy Director of the Faculty of Modern Liberal Arts, Professor Rui Kohiyama visited in March. The school was hosted by the deputy dean of Liaw, Shyue-Cherng, Professor Wu, Wen-hsing of the Department of History. This visit resulted in the discussion of the opportunity for establishing student exchange programs at the college level, as well as co-organizing student-overseas visits that will be held for a short-term period and other aspects of course cooperation.

Tokyo Women’s Christian University is actively expanding its academic exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan. This includes the recent signing of a cooperation agreement with Fu Jen Catholic University. The school offers summer courses, providing the opportunity to study in 3 sister schools per year, and participating in the intensive 2 weeks of courses offered by the school from the end of June to the beginning of July. The school will arrange homestay and cultural experience activities for the trainees, and encourage students from sister schools to register. International Director, Karasawa, visited the  Office of International Affairs of our school this time to understand the future cooperation and development of the two schools, and to further confirm the content of the student exchange agreement between the two schools at the college level.