Join us! Welcome to apply for the programs of CLA! 4/11(Mon.)~4/25(Mon.)17:00

I want to speak Japanese!
I want to chat with Koreans!
I want to fall in love with philosophy!
I want to know the stories behind indigenous people!
I want to learn about integrating digital technology into arts & humanities!

Come join us!

Eligibility: Students of NTU, NTNU and NTUST (excluding students postponing graduation)
Application Period: 2022/4/11(Mon.)~4/25(Mon.)17:00
Application Procedure: Please finish filling out the application on Academic System.
Admission Announcement: 2022/5/16(Mon.) on Academic System

【The Program in Japanese as a Foreign Language】
【The Program in Korean as a Foreign Language】
【The Program in Philosophy​】
【The Program of Indigenous Education and Culture】
【The Program of Integrating Digital Technology into Arts & Humanitities】