2021 “Crossing Mountains and the Sea” Coming-of-Age Ceremony for Graduates- Grand Tour Project solicitation due May 2nd

To come as one in “Graduation Trip” and ” Coming-of-age ceremony”

College of Liberal Arts invited you to join them in a Grand Tour together!

Application deadline                       |Now-May 2nd, 2021

Eligibility for Participation                             |Graduates of all levels of the College of Liberal Arts (including double majors, minors, and exchange students)

Recruitment quota                                          |12 teams, each team consist of 5-7 people, each team get 15,000 NTD practical bonus

Execution Period                              |From June 1st to August 31st

2021 Humanities Festival

“Crossing Mountains and the Sea” Coming-of-Age Ceremony for Graduates

How to apply for the Grand Tour Plan?

  1. Activity description

Since 2013, the College of Liberal Arts(CLA) has always organized the event that combines both Graduation Trip and Coming-of-age ceremony into one grand event called “Crossing Mountains and the Sea.”  This group graduation tour not only facilitates graduates with a diverse and fantastic tour experience but also provides them with the opportunities to explore and cultivate multiple abilities amid their graduation process. Therefore, this event requires the graduates to form their teams to develop their interpersonal skills and to enhance their overall planning skills and abilities to work as a group.

2021 “Crossing Mountains and the Sea” event will invite fresh graduates from the CLA faculties to participate in this grand tour. Interested students are very welcome to sign up as soon as possible.

  1. Participants

Fresh graduates of all levels of the College of Liberal Arts (including double majors, minor departments, and exchange students)

  1. Scheduled enrollment quota

Maximum of 12 group teams, each team consist of 5-7 people with 15,000 NTD practical bonus

  1. Scheduled execution period

June 1, 2021-August 31, 2021

  1. Application process

The application period for this project starts from the announcement date up to May 2nd, 2021.

The review will be conducted at another optional time. It is expected that there will be 12 groups that will be admitted, and final results will be announced before the end of May.

The application method is as follows:

( 1 ) Application documents

Please go to our official website ( https://www.cla.ntnu.edu.tw/index.php/2021/03/05/2021-03-05/ ) to download the application form. The following documents are the required documents that needed to be submitted for the application:

  1. Project application form (Attachment 1 ): includes cover and text, please fill in all the details.
  2. Participation datasheet and Affidavit (Annex 2 ): It contains a copy of the student ID. Each team member should sign by him/herself. The list of team members listed in this document should be match with the team that is listed in the plan summary table.
  3. Participants are not allowed to register for different teams repeatedly; if there are duplicates on the team members, then the qualification of the registered team will be cancelled or annulled and will not be permitted to join the event.

( 2 ) Application Method

  1. The team is required to send a representative to do the application work. All the electronic files required should be submitted on time. If there are any omissions or incomplete documents, then it will be deemed to have not completed the registration procedures.
  2. To receive documents online, please fill in the online registration form here: https://reurl.cc/WEvjke. The subject of the file is the “Project Name”.
  3. Each work is limited to one-time submission, depends on the host’s reply. Documents need to upload in PDF or Word files.
  4. The accepted application documents and attachments, regardless of whether it is awarded or not, will not be returned.
  5. Special reminder: Please complete the system registration and upload the files needed as soon as possible before the deadline, to avoid excessive system traffic on the deadline day resulting in uncompleted registration procedures. All fields must be filled in truthfully, if the application information is not filled in completely, it will be deemed as missing and will not be accepted.

6. Evaluation Criteria

(1) An evaluation committee consisting of 5 teachers from the college will conduct the selection, and the list of admissions will be announced by the evaluation committee.

(2) The main points of the evaluation include:

  1. Compatibility with the theme “Over the mountains and across the Seas”
  2. Humanistic value
  3. Creativity and Innovative thinking

(3) The final project films will be included in an online “popularity award” voting activity, and the team with the highest vote will be awarded a prize of 10,000 dollar and a “popularity award” certificate.

  1. The selected team cooperation matters

(A) After the examination process and the proposals were selected, the chosen team will achieve eligibility and won the prize of 10.000 NTD. Required documents for bonus request:

  1. Please come to the college within the time limit to sign the receipt (including a copy of your personal passbook and a copy of the front and back of your ID card)
  2. Self-check sheet before team execution ( Annex 3)
  3. Questionnaire on the physical health of the group members ( Annex 4)
  4. The original copy and the photocopy of the payment receipt for the 2 million travel insurance per person (the policy number and register are required)

(B) Pre-departure briefing: The hospital will explain relevant administrative matters to assist the team to implement the plan smoothly. The team should send at least one member to participate in the activity. Teams that have not participated or not participating in the whole sessions will be deemed to have waived their qualifications. Scheduled to be processed before the end of May 2021.

(C) Submit the results report within two weeks after the execution, and proceed with the closing procedure:

  1. The team should submit the case-closing information, including all others supplementary documents in the form of electronic file, within two weeks after the completion of the activity. It must be submitted by 12:00 noon on September 27, 2021 at the latest. If the team fails to execute within the time limit then the team will be deemed to have not completed the process, and thus the court will cancel the qualifications and retrieve back the bonuses that have been allocated.
  2. The materials that should be submitted for closing the case include: Achievement Report (as in Annex 6) , original files of activity photos, and results videos.

The regulations are as follows:

(1) Achievement report: It must include the cover, the text (interspersed with the activity photos), the brief introduction of the video (300-500 words), and the scanned file of the signature regarding the music copyright statement. (PDF and Word files format)

(2) Event photos: At least 10 original files of the planned execution photos , each file must be 1MB or more and 5MB or less, the file name contains the photo caption ( about 10-20 characters), and at least 3 or more photos must be held across the mountain and the sea Photo of towel and graduation gown.

(3) Final video: It must be 3 to 5 minutes of the original video file (the file must not exceed 800MB), the video resolution must be 1280×720, HD quality 720p ( inclusive ) or higher, supporting the upload in YouTube file format Mainly ( such as avi/mov/mpg/mp4 and other formats ) for the follow-up promotion and activities of the hospital.

  1. References to the Grand Touring Spot

(1) Guishan Island: Board the ship and climb the 401 highland

(2) Keelung Island: Board the ship and visit the lighthouse.

(3) Yilan: Travel to Wushihbi Coastal Nature Reserve and ride on canoe

(4) Yilan: Hike the Caoling Trail, Canoeing in Longmen Camp

  1. Event Information

(1) For related event information, please visit the website of the College of Liberal Arts ( https://www.cla.ntnu.edu.tw/ )

(2) The College of Liberal Arts reserves the right to adjust and interpret the relevant regulations of this plan. If there are any outstanding matters, they may adjust and revise them according to the present situation and announce them on the official website.

  1. Event contact information

Contact Person : Miss Huang

Phone: 02-7749-1472

Email: cla@ntnu.edu.tw

Link: https://reurl.cc/R6oV29